Our Story


My love of candles comes from my Mother. I remember we always had a candle burning in our home. Some of my favorite memories with her included choosing a new scent to burn. In fact, to this day, a candle burning its very last ten minutes is one of my favorite times. It reminds me to spend my moments carefully because a new era is always around the corner. Then there is the joy of choosing a new scent to fill the room! It's times like these that I remember my mother most fondly.
Sometimes science tells us something that we already know. For me, it was hearing science had discovered that scent triggers our deep memories. I remember thinking 'Duh'! Growing up, we had a beautiful lilac bush in our front yard. I remember sitting on the porch in Montana evenings and the smell of lilac mixed with the clean air. To this day, I cannot smell lilac without smiling and thinking of my childhood home.
That is why CharlotteScott exists. To help you remember sweet memories and to help you never forget the new memories you will make every day. Life is precious, and we go through life so quickly sometimes. That's why we encourage you to slow down and smell the candle. Be truly present in the memory you are creating right now. Or, to help you reminisce on the beautiful moments in your past.
I named CharlotteScott after my daughter. I founded the company shortly after she was born to pay homage to my relationship with my Mother, and to create candles that will remind my husband and of memories we are creating.  My mother always believed in creating an atmosphere and living in the sweetness of life. I hope that CharlotteScott can help you do that, too.



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