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Meet the Founder

Here is a little about me!

I was born in Denver, Colorado, but grew up in the small town of Miles City, Montana. Honestly? I am so blessed. My childhood was straight out of a storybook. I got to live close to my grandma and my great-grandparents. Every kid's dream, right? If you don't know Miles City, suffice it to say that it is that picturesque small-town that the movies show. If you have seen the movie Now & Then, that was my childhood! I had my three best friends, and we did everything together.

But, all good things come to an end. When I was in the 8th grade, my mother got married, and we moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. I got my first lesson on the first day of class. It turned out that Overalls were not the peak fashion everywhere in the country! We would both burn Lilac-scented candles when we felt homesick to remind us of home in Montana. Being that my mother was always on the move, we moved to Castle Rock, Colorado. It was before my senior year in high school, which might seem crazy but I am so glad we did. It felt like we could breathe again!

I love Colorado so much that I stayed to attend CU Denver to get my degree in marketing. My family is full of strong amazing women. I had the honor of joining my mother in Montana to take care of my grandmother. She lived out the last of her days with her daughter and granddaughter by her side. Now I am back in Colorado, and I am a mother to a beautiful daughter, Charlotte Scott (sound familiar?). I can only hope to be half the example to her that my mother is to me.

I am passionate about making great memories and remembering sweet moments. I hope my candles bring you as much light & memories as they have to me.

xoxo Suella

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